Sell your cloud-stored files for cryptocurrencies

Paspagon is a cryptocurrency payment processor which allows you to sell files stored in the cloud. No registration is needed and your customers may be anonymous. To get started, see our terms & manual.

This service is in the beta phase. You use it at your own risk.


Zero-click payments

When customer gets to the payment page, he doesn’t even have to touch his computer to buy and download the file.

You control the files

Files are stored in the cloud using buckets that you own. We never get write access to your files. At any moment you can cease our read access (though we don’t recommend doing this rapidly as it may cause problems with ongoing payments).

No registration

The only thing needed to get started is to grant us read access to your bucket and upload a configuration file. No need to fill up web forms or to give us your identity.

Anonymous customers (optional)

We don’t gather personal data from your customers (except IP addresses). If you however choose to authorize payment generation by yourself, you may associate custom data with the payment authorization.

Support for BlackCoin

Being the first non-premined, 100% Proof of Stake and free cryptocurrency, BlackCoin, with its low transaction fees, is an attractive option for file (micro)payments.